S.B. Alger Posing beside a Trash Bin

"..skinny drug whores were my addiction." S.B. Alger

A Necrophiliac Satanist in Sheep's Clothing

IMDb entry on S.B. Alger (Public Image)

Pedophilia & Antisemitism & Religious Fanaticism
Blend Toghether Seamlessly
In one Body

Where Evil & Darkness Lurk
While lashing out God's name in Vain


"I don't trust Sean, he is one of them" - Tracy Twyman

A concern that Tracy Twyman voiced to her widower a few days before her untimely death.

"They all get sodomized. It's how they get "initiated"" - Alex Rivera

..and Who 'Suicided' Tracy R. Twyman? *

"..posing as a husband and wife"

Agent #002: Nurse Lee Taylor of Boise Idaho
Agent #001: Sean Bryan Alger

"that somebody was her friend that turned... this was somebody she knew that this, okay, and somebody was posing as a husband and wife is what I was getting.."

"She was kind of struck by somebody she felt was a friend of hers so this is a betrayal on a total level.

Hollywood crowd Diva & Psychic, Sloan Bella and channeling Tracy R. Twyman on July 18th 2019 **

"..struck by somebody she felt was a friend of hers.."

Lee (Alicia) Taylor Text Message via Sean Bryan Alger Phone to Tracy Twyman:  Sean Alger: 4:18 PM On our way.  Sean Alger: This is Lee Sean's girlfriend Imao so we are now on our way to the correct address 4:22 PM
Lee Taylor (and Sean Bryan Alger) fits Sloan Bella's description on Tracy Twyman's murderers, in contrast to S.B. Alger accusations:  "..struck by somebody she felt was a friend of hers.."

..so Pretty.. (no wonder S.B. Alger is eyeing other men's wives..)
A "girlfriend", not a "fiancée" as S. B. Alger fantasizes and claims
Hence "..posing as a husband and wife"

..and the drugging of Tracy R. Twyman...

A Text Message to Tracy R. Twyman:  Sean Alger:  "Wow Yeah, it's a far out drug. I love it. I'll tell you more in a bit"  9:58 AM

"..there was some sort of.. kidnapping but somebody moved her and.. used something in the physical body that stopped her like.. a muscle relaxant; but she couldn't move her arm she couldn't move her legs she could kind of hear but she could not free herself and she was held somewhere.."

Hollywood crowd Diva & Psychic, Sloan Bella and channeling Tracy R. Twyman on July 18th 2019 **

"made to look like a suicide,"

A very plausible statement:
For both S.B. Alger and his girlfriend Nurse Lee Taylor do work with immobile patients.
Thus, moving and placing an 'immobile', limp', and 'drugged' person, like Tracy Twyman, in a desired position "to look like a suicide" would be a nationally certified expertise of both S.B Alger and Lee Taylor

Contact Name: Lee Taylor Contact Info: Email & Direct Job Title: Counterintelligence Officer Location: United States, District of Columbia, Washington, D.C. Company: U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Name: www.va.gov

An Expert in Abuse
S.B. Alger abusing one of his Disabled & Immobile Clients..

Reddit: sewneo (S.B. Alger):  "Very Gnostic. Oh! Btw... for some reason... Devout Muslims in wheelchairs made me LOL> I felt horrible."

Like how Tracy Twyman met her Maker?

Discord: S.B. Alger: I was following the Holy Spirit.
Discord: S.B. Alger: ..like the holy ghost was yelling at me...

To commit a heinous Deed against Tracy Twyman?

Twitter S. B. Alger @sewneo 10h:  er'ry day on this app: -An image of Execution of a Heretic-
Discord: S.B. Alger: But the spirit was speaking there too.

In Heaven or Hell?
After or Before the Deed?
Encouraging, or Chiding?

Twitter: tmh trackmyhashtag:  Top Users | Top Influencers | Most Popular Contributors  [S. B. Alger] @sewneo https://twitter.com/sewneo 5.97K Impressions  700 Woke2Br @freejerry88 https://twitter.com/freejerry88  351 Impressions  Chad Warren - Renaissan @chadwarren32076 https://twitter.com/chadwarren32076 248 Impressions
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Hijacking Tracy R. Twyman's Death 'narrative' while assisting the Bots, 'sock puppets'.. and stalking the Dead..

..who was paying S.B. Alger's rent, while he was busy and dedicated in his fabulous task? ..who was satisfying his ignored girlfriend Lee Taylor while he was finding himself in Twitter due a mid-life crisis?

Rafael Velez DUDE, I can't BELIEVE you are that desperate for attention that you usw Tracy Twyman's name to get people to hear you. You voild probably be sued actually. Go and have confidence in your own name next time. You probably have just pissed off most vieweers anyway.

Never ceases to impress.. The Prophetic Tracy Twyman had predicted what will happen to her work and legacy, in a snippet she posted on Twitter.. Predicted the Thievery and the Lawsuits and the Disgrace of the Leeching Predator, the uneducated Ignorant Imposter...

'Pumped & Dumped' by the 'Sock Puppets' Masters


Discrod Server: July 18, 2019 S.B. Alger 07/18/2019 3:19 PM  JEM & me will be live on Clyde Lewis Ground Zero radio tonight at 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. We will set up around 6 and go live on my channel and sit and fart around and listen to Clyde and field questions from the chat until it's time to push the button and go live on the Big Show!  Let's see if we can set the record straight and encourage the police to do their jobs and rally the troops to preserve Tracys content and hopefully find out at least some more details to give us closure.

Ah.. the first who did protest while crying outloud "Bloody Murder!" indeed.. and then did demand to "set the record straight" ..There is a process that had already began for that.. instead of pointing fingers in a whim.. at the wrong entities, and out of spite
"..on the Big Show!"

..not anymore...  LOL

.. and 'took charge' of what is not his..

"Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love." 
KJV John 4:7-8

name anyone as a suspect. | Tracy Twyman's 'husband' | a Muslim? | Try as you may! | Is her husband | That woman's husband | her freaky 'husband'), | Her crazy "husband" | you killed Tracy Twyman' | her weirdo keeps | Her husband | from her husband. | her late husband keeps | Her husband is scum, | Tracy's butthurt husband.. | other interaction with him? | her second husband? | Tracy's personal life | She deserves so much better. | He's a jealous little SOB. | : from her 'husband', | It allegedly belong to her "husband", | number of her husband | censoring your dead wife | Twyman's douchebag widower | Welcome to the giant ball of suffering! | snip off part of your dick now. Fuck thi: | hijacking her life's work and legacy.  | her husband had ties to | her husband whacked her. | S.B. Alger 02/05/2021: | "Yeah, it's run by Tracy's husband." | made to look like a suicide, | LEAVE TRACY ALONE OR IM COMING FOR YA. | must have an ironclad alibi | wouldn't be surprised if he iced her, | ...AND GET THIS...HE IS VERY FOND OF "PIZZA"... | her crazy Arab husband, be warned. | is a son of a bitch. | celebrating her death? | Was he a threat to her work, and maybe more, all along? | What a little bitch | Is it the husband for real?! | may you receive what you deserve | You're messed up | her 2nd marriage was set up | He wants to cannibalize Tracy's legacy | he's got a lot of connections | he's absolutely taking the piss | Her hubby is responsible. | Have you discussed her husband | he could be her handler. | you are extraordinarily pathetic and shame Tracy's memory. | he's just mentally ill and demon-possessed | He is a... (excuse the pretty sailor mouth) a real bitch ass niqqa!!!

Meanwhile, S.B. Alger was busy posting 6K of Tweets with hashtag #TracyTwyman and more, as well being excited, and impatiently tickling the 'hubby's' balls.. to be aroused and spurred into an irreversible spearing and piercing action..
..and quoting the Bible on every Social Media.. a Classic..
'For God sayeth this, and God saith that, and God jumped through a hoop and another fiery loop'... and all the nonsense while harming the grieving other in the most base ways..

This is the very definition of Gangstalking, initiated and maintained by S.B. Alger (here, motivated by Hate), and the same was done to Tracy R. Twyman

This is Serious

Obviously, demonstrating a very less evolved mind, and the absence of any mark of wits: an idiot

For the low and base wouldn't equate with the noble and the principled

Whoring himself for Attention, and Satisfying his Handlers, were S.B. Alger's Goal and Aim in his Miserable Lot.. a wasted life.. abandoned, dumped to wallow in misery with his deeds..

"crazy Arab husband": For defending himself and what is his?

S.B. Alger "a wasted life.. abandoned, dumped to wallow in misery.."

Forsaken to his Deeds: "a wasted life.. abandoned, dumped to wallow in misery.."

She was left to her dreadful loneliness, ignored.. utterly ignored and unwanted as she was forlorn to her 'lonely' hours and nights as her sad sighs could be afar and yonder heard..'Relief me!, oh Relief me!" (from the chains of this tyme bound misery).. were the only words that heavily echoed now and then ..breaking the long ebbs of the entombing sickening unforgiving silence..

What goes around comes around

"..for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap"
KJV Galatians 6:7-8

No Good comes out of Obsession


"Why was Jesus arrested.. naked, with an underage boy?"

"I am obsessed with that guys work!"
S.B. Alger

 Perhaps it is the excitement sparked by the image of an adult being "naked, with an underage boy"

Was this "boy" a 'Skinny Whore' too?

"I'll end in whimsy and say I've found this beautifully talented and strangely erotic man.." - S.B. Alger

Twitter S.B. Alger @sewneo:  White Trashionalism @WTrashionaislm  AMERICA FIRST, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN

...uncontrollable need & an urgency for Cuckoldry

Twitter: @sewneo (S.B. Alger):  "One of the greatest memes ever made.  'If you're gonna cuck... CUCK HARD'"

"...oh I've totally done that! You'll love it. I highly recommend it." - S.B. Alger

Twitter S. B. Alger @sewneo Replying to @ToriNicksWho Jul 9, 2019:  ...oh I've totally done that! You'll love it. I highly recommend it.  I totally thought I was gonna find info related to this old classic meme: BITE THE PILLOW I'M GOING IN DRY
Sean Bryan Alger Gloating at a Mirror
Discord S.B, Alger  My soul is already bound, I'm the indentured servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Twitter S. B. Alger @sewneo 10h:  er'ry day on this app: -An image of Execution of a Heretic-


God is Love


The Abomination of The Abominable
Another Self-Righteous, Religious Fanatic Whore who Thinks that Idol Worshiping, Promoting Baphomet instead of Prometheus, are as Serving the Lord & God & etc.
As such he stands in defense of the Damned, Sodomy, Sodomites, Neo-Pedos, Perversions, Crimes, Murder, and the Immoral Abominable's Abomination.

Twitter: X. theMegasAeon Alex Rivera If you don't know what I'm talking about then please go to this abomination of a website: https:// creep.tracytwymandeath.com 4:00 AM Apr 23, 2024...

The Eloquent Dry Cunt's Hypocrisy & Diatribe: 'Walk the Talk' 

Twitter: Alex Rivera @AeonEye - Oct 24, 2020 Replying to @diamondmind311 @sewneo and 3 others Jesus Christ is Lord forever. Baphomet and his worthless followers will bend their knee to Him in the end. Then they will be tossed in the lake of fire with the Devil and his angels, where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth forever and ever. Amen.

..and so forth with the sadistic torment scene.

Twitter: Alex Rivera @AeonEye - Hell is real.

There is a level of Awareness that is present, yet misplaced..
Indeed, not like the 'fake sun', 'Black Sun', "Hell" is rather real.. Here and Now.. Amen

Pedophiles who do Crusade for 'Sexual Abuse (SA) Victims'

Ye Antisemites, The Religious Fanatics
Why Incriminate one self further with "Hate Speech" and viciously blame the Jews (some of this rabble are confirmed neo-Nazis and Skinheads with what such entails of other illegal activities & trafficking; and being infiltrated and watched by multiple federal agencies) and Hollywood Tribe with Perversions & Murder...

 While Pedophilia & Pedophiles & Murderers are rather rampant In-house?
Indeed, Living & Thriving (& Throbbing) while lurking in Utah and Idaho Leeching on Mothers & WidowsAnd this is just the 'tip of the iceberg' from what is not published yet

/pol/ Anonymous ID: +7WOUeVN Sat 23 Dec 2023 18:30:45 No.452879149   >>452878518: The jews rape kids on twitter They murderdd tracy twyman for exposing it

Not true, it was an "inside" job*

Gentiles' Blues
"Gentiles" on Minors  Sexual Abuse (SA) is common within the American Household due to the continuous efforts at the eradication of the Family Unit in the United States.
The vicious Antisemites who are projecting on Jews the abuses that they experienced and endured are doing the same, passing on the trauma unto the new coming Generation, the fatherless Minors.
"My father passed away in 1999, and I only knew him for very few years because he was absent most of my early life."
The Pitiful Confessions: S. B. Alger

Hence, 'coming Generation' of Fatherlessness:
"I'm also estranged from my two daughters these last couple years, so Father's Day is hard for me."
The Pitiful Confessions: S. B. Alger

These Racist Religious Fanatics, the Antisemites, have no excuse for their hate, nor they are without a blemish.
Observe below what they do Teach each other and boldly do Encourage & Exchange:

Note that S.B. Alger is deemed 'unsafe' to be around his own children by a Court issued Restraining Order

Abomination: Indoctrinating the Godless Religious Fanatics into Satanism & Encouraging neo-Pedo Activities

Promoting Deviant &; Anal Sexual Acts among Religious Members Telegram: S.B. Alger:  Yuliana Forwarded from Yuliana  Sacred 4th eye  1:55 PM crazyshit.com  ← 3 1:58 PM
Promoting Deviant &; Anal Sexual Acts among Religious Members Telegram: S.B. Alger:   Allen Marcus porous_walker admin Q▾ 20,803 likes porous_walker @toddfrancisart told me he liked slide 1 and slide 2 and he LOVED slide 3 animated by the master @patburtscher while he was flying back from UK after his comedy show tour there. Σ
Promoting Deviant &; Anal Sexual Acts among Religious Members Telegram: S.B. Alger:   https://youtube.com /clip/UgkxDr_jw6pqDOe8ZcuJPyQBhax1IM_bejrk YouTube click now!
Telegram: S.B. Alger "OK, I
Telegram: S.B. Alger "OK, I

Results of The Lack of Quality Pussy

Discord Server: May 19, 2022 S.B. Alger 05/19/2022 10:04 AM:  "where u at gurl"  The strange, the odd, and the unusual Jacqui Taylor Yesterday at 1:30 AM-→ In Amsterdam ENT"  SATAN'S ANUS World's first Glory Hole Restaurant  BY BATU # 416-7 Awards 112 Comments 179 Shares

Hark..! A Moment for a Comic Relief

Twitter S.B. Alger @sewneo:  "plus SA"? Like you are trained and helping people who have suffered satanic abuse?  Blackbird Flies @griffgirl20:  lol  some of the worst abuse i've suffered in my life was at the hands of so called jesus followers who thought it was their calling to impose their completely fukked agenda...on everyone. their very own self identified hell awaits. they think it's waiting for someone else. haha

..'completely fukked agenda' ..Amen

'Live and let Live'?

Sparkling & Speaking in Codes

4chan sewneo  Met best girl ever. Chubby, hot, traditional and supportive.  We never fight either. Its amazing what a good relationship can do for your soul.  I did that too... 7 years with that bitch. Two kids. Now I never see em. Ruined my life a lot for that bitch. She's completely nuts now. Literally insane. Still on drugs. Still going to treatment and dropping out.  I recovered. I got away and I'm better. Great actually.  But I miss my fucking kids anon.  Get away from it anon.  Go accept lonely life and learn why you love damaged bitches anon. ..or you'll be like me. And you might not recover.

And what about the availability 'anon'? How Soon 'anon'?

Twitter: S. B. Alger @sewneo:  And on on anon  Nagarjunian @Nagarjuniann. Jan 4  anon /ǝ'non ▸ ADVERB archaic or informal soon; shortly: I'll see you anon. ORIGIN Old English on an 'into one', on āne 'in one'. The original sense was 'in or into one state, course, etc.', which developed into the temporal sense 'at once'. by Oxford Dictionary of English ୦ G <<]

Note the usual of S. B. Alger, that is to Lie and Accuse others: There is a Restraining Order that is issued against S.B. Alger from seeing his children; not against the "Literally insane", "on drugs" ex-wife.

S.B. Alger in 'Shiny Shiny, Shiny Red Feather & Mask'

S.B. Alger in 'Shiny Shiny, Shiny Red Feather & Mask': "Different colours made of tears"

WTF was that?

Deciphering the Codes

Twitter: End of Days Radio U @ninjashoes · Apr 8 Replying to @sewneo:  Pedo matrix covering tracks

Rather, it is not part of S.B. Alger's intelligence the art of "covering tracks".

How does one explain otherwise Tracy Twyman's haunting statement days before her death that S.B. Alger "is one of them."? Or the 6 thousand tweets with #TracyTwyman hashtag produced by S.B. Alger alone in about two years?

S.B. Alger's 'presumed' nefarious activities are no secret to many, alas, silent victims. Observe:

YouTube.com:  CANCERISALIE 1 year ago @S.B. Alger who is "we" ? I'm talking to you because I can't believe.... young boy...fine clothes to try on..... WTF 凸 REPLY  CANCERISALIE 1 year ago Just WTF man ??

Besides Antisemitism and Pedophilia, consequently, we do have Nazis running the show, marching in solidarity with 'God Fearing' S. B. Alger: All are Satisfying their Masters' agendas like disposable Pawns
A Jew-Hating Themed Agenda

Discord Server: S.B. Alger and Nazis

Bigot & Hateful S. B. Alger fancies that he has bigger balls than the Arab

Youtub: S.B. Alger fancies himself as Arab

The Arab never did dictate to Tracy Twyman what to write and what not to write about; nor forced himself on her demanding that she must"Repent", nor Judged her, nor Judged nor stagnated her Divinely given Knowledge; unlike how the epitome of Ignorance and Filth did and still do, the Religious Fanatic S. B. Alger

What was Gained? ..? ...?

Twitter: Alex Rivera @AeonEye May 23 Replying to @Samuel Beaudry10 and @zerohedge  They all get sodomized. It's how they get "initiated".

Thus, The Godless confessed & attested & instructed, and of course, professed:
 Initiation into Hell, thus to have a further and 'continuous' encounter with Baphomet & Company as such would require the rituals of Sodomy as they seek unto it's painful delights.
The main 'initiate' is not ideologically inclined; it is merely out of Fetish and Obsession with the person of Tracy Twyman that he succumbed to Satan and other Demons in submissive servitude.
 Then why such dedication is invested in defense of Religious Fanatics Pedophiles,  Baphomet Idol Worshipers, "the worthless followers", Beelzebub's Loyal Servants, who do spread rumors and lies in the name of God® Serving their Earthly and Infernal Masters?

Discord: S.B. Alger "I added the Juice" | Demonstrating Antisemitism
Discord: S.B. Alger "S.B. Alger reacted with :heartpluse:" | Demonstrating Antisemitism
Twitter: S. B. Alger @sewneo @getongab @VibeHi @GrrrGraphics  ...so he makes them look like this?! https://t.co/H7tpTUwvX8  Twitter for Android Jul 10, 2019 20:03:34
Detail: Twitter: S. B. Alger @sewneo @getongab @VibeHi @GrrrGraphics  ...so he makes them look like this?! https://t.co/H7tpTUwvX8  Twitter for Android Jul 10, 2019 20:03:34

Results of Impotency

One cannot help but ask within oneself:
Why be Evil, and Hurt others, Harm others, cause Misery to others, while sucking on God's nuts night and day making a show out of it, defiling God's image to the humanity?

A Necrophiliac Satanist in Sheep's Clothing"I'm reluctant to relay what I know about Tracy and God..." - S.B. Alger"..skinny drug whores were my addiction." S.B. Alger

Discord S.B. Alger: I'm reluctant to relay what I know about Tracy and God...

How Religious Fanatics 'Play' Satanic Bingo confirming to the World their unwavering loyalty to the Devil
Click here to witness the Irony, or the Hypocrisy

From Telegram: Bingo: "Rider Waite, Jesus, Tracy Twyman..."

Nothing goes Unnoticed