S.B. Alger Posing beside a Trash Bin

"..skinny drug whores were my addiction." S.B. Alger

A Necrophiliac Satanist in Sheep's Clothing

"I don't trust Sean, he is one of them" - Tracy Twyman

A concern that Tracy Twyman voiced to her widower a few days before her untimely death.

..and Who 'Suicided' Tracy R. Twyman?*

Agent #002: Nurse Lee Taylor of Boise Idaho
Agent #001: Sean Bryan Alger

"that somebody was her friend that turned... this was somebody she knew that this, okay, and somebody was posing as a husband and wife is what I was getting.."

"She was kind of struck by somebody she felt was a friend of hers so this is a betrayal on a total level.

Hollywood crowd Diva & Psychic, Sloan Bella and channeling Tracy R. Twyman on July 18th 2019 **

Like how Tracy Twyman met her Maker?

Discord: S.B. Alger: I was following the Holy Spirit.
Discord: S.B. Alger: ..like the holy ghost was yelling at me...

To commit a heinous Deed against Tray Twyman?

Discord: S.B. Alger: But the spirit was speaking there too.

In Heaven or Hell?
After or Before the Deed?
Encouraging, or Chiding?

"..for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap"
KJV Galatians 6:7-8

"Why was Jesus arrested.. naked, with an underage boy?"

"I am obsessed with that guys work!"
S.B. Alger

 Perhaps it is the excitement sparked by the image of an adult being "naked, with an underage boy"

Was this "boy" a 'Skinny Whore' too?

"I'll end in whimsy and say I've found this beautifully talented and strangely erotic man.." - S.B. Alger

Twitter S.B. Alger @sewneo:  White Trashionalism @WTrashionaislm  AMERICA FIRST, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN

"...oh I've totally done that! You'll love it. I highly recommend it." - S.B. Alger

Twitter S. B. Alger @sewneo Replying to @ToriNicksWho Jul 9, 2019:  ...oh I've totally done that! You'll love it. I highly recommend it.  I totally thought I was gonna find info related to this old classic meme: BITE THE PILLOW I'M GOING IN DRY

The Abomination of The Abominable
Another Self-Righteous, Religious Fanatic Whore who Thinks that Idol Worshiping, Promoting Baphomet, are as Serving the Lord & God & etc.
As such he stands in defense of the Damned, Sodomy, Perversions, Crimes, and the Immoral Abominable's Abomination.

Twitter: X. theMegasAeon Alex Rivera If you don't know what I'm talking about then please go to this abomination of a website: https:// creep.tracytwymandeath.com 4:00 AM Apr 23, 2024...

The Dry Eloquent Cunt's Hypocrisy & Diatribe: 'Walk the Talk'

Twitter: Alex Rivera @AeonEye - Oct 24, 2020 Replying to @diamondmind311 @sewneo and 3 others Jesus Christ is Lord forever. Baphomet and his worthless followers will bend their knee to Him in the end. Then they will be tossed in the lake of fire with the Devil and his angels, where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth forever and ever. Amen.
A Necrophiliac Satanist in Sheep's Clothing "I'm reluctant to relay what I know about Tracy and God..." - S.B. Alger "..skinny drug whores were my addiction." S.B. Alger
Discord S.B. Alger: I'm reluctant to relay what I know about Tracy and God...

How Religious Fanatics 'Play' Satanic Bingo confirming to the World their unwavering loyalty to the Devil
Click here to witness the Irony, or the Hypocrisy

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